Special Events

Murder in the Red Room

Admission : normal Tower ticket prices.



A Murder Mystery!

Friday 20th September at 7.30

Billionaire Richard Onan owns a very, very valuable painting. If he lets people come and see it, he won't have to pay so much tax. Trouble is, Richard hates people. When he allows some into his home to look at the work, things go as well as can be expected. In other words, it's a complete disaster.

A lively, beguiling, amusing whodunnit, Murder in the Red Room has been created specially for the stage by Murder, Mystery and Mayhem - a company which has been running murder mysteries for corporate and private groups for many years. Its murderer-in-chief, David Shannon, appeared in a dozen shows at the Tower before confusing everyone by calling himself David France and turning professional. His partner-in-crime in this show is Martin South and Jacqui Dickson will provide technical assistance. They will be joined on the night by a Mystery Celebrity.

Those attending can dress as art lovers if they want to but won't be refused entry if they don't. Some might even end up onstage at various points and one of them could be the murderer.

This event is a special fundraiser for the Tower with all the box office proceeds going to it.