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You can now buy photos of Tower shows either on a CD or by download with an electronic link. For each show you'll get about 100 pictures, taken at the Dress Rehearsal.

We can supply photos for most shows since 2003. Photographs are supplied subject to the Copyright Notice printed below.

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For the current show (for orders placed up to a week after the show closes), the cost is £8 for either a CD or a download link. For older shows, the cost is £15 for a CD or a download link.
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All rights, including copyright, in the images the subject of this order are owned by Tavistock Repertory Guarantors Ltd. The buyer of the CD or download link has a personal non-transferrable right to copy for back-up purposes, display, print or disseminate by electronic means those images for his/her personal use but may not otherwise copy, sell, license or otherwise exploit such images or authorise any other party to do so.

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