The Graduate  
The Graduate

Adapted by Terry Johnson
Based on the novel by Charles Webb and the motion picture screenplay by Calder Willingham & Buck Henry

Directed by Martin South

December 7 - 12, 2010

The Tower Theatre performing at the Courtyard Theatre, Shoreditch

Photography by Alexander Knapp
Benjamin : Theo Leonard
Mrs. Robinson : Meryl Griffiths
Mr. Robinson : Bob Bradick
Elaine : Amy Dunn
Mr. Braddock : Paul Rutledge
Mrs. Braddock : Maxine Howard
Stripper : Solange Foley-Dawson
Hotel Clerk : Ed O'Shaughnessy
Psychiatrist and Priest : Jonathan Norris

Other parts played by members of the company
Production Team
Director : Martin South
Assistant Director : Robin Hodges
Set Design : Wendy Parry
Costume Design : Meryl Griffiths
Lighting Design : Andy Peregrine
Sound Design : Phillip Ley

Stage Managers : Penny Tuerk, Phillip Ley
Assistant Stage Managers : Jayne Lawrence, Michelle Roebuck, Laurence Tuerk, Alan McKenzie
Wardrobe : Jill Batty, Linda Twidale, Amy Dunn
Sound Operator : Robin Hodges
Set Construction : Keith Syrett, Michael Bettell and members of the cast and crew