Lark Rise

by Keith Dewhurst, based on the Lark Rise to Candleford books by Flora Thompson
Music arranged and additional music composed by Colin Guthrie

Bridewell Theatre, Fleet Street
July 20 - 24, 2010


The Company :

Katie South Laura Timms
Freddie Norris Edmund Timms
Martin South Albert Timms (their father), guitar
Janet South Emma Timms (their mother)
Jimmy Smallwood Bishie, Doctor, John Price, harmonica
Colin Guthrie Boamer, concertina, melodeon
Jonathan Norris Pumpkin, Squire Bracewell, Rector, trombone
Frank Crocker Old Price, Dick, Grandfather
Guy Saunders Old David, Mr Sharman, Twister, Cheapjack
Bob Bradick Mr Morris, Old Postie, Jerry Parrish, Landlord, guitar
Mark Simmonds Fisher, singer
Peta Barker Old Stutt, Tramp, Algy, percussion
Fenella Lee Mrs Spicer, Mrs Andrews, singer
Louisa Norman Mrs Blaby, Mrs Beamish
Maxine Howard Mrs Peverill
Barbara Mathews Mrs Miller
Kate Fearnley Mrs Tuffrey
Penny Tuerk Old Sally
Phillip Ley Carrier, bass
Alison Liney Queenie Macey
Annemarie Fearnley Garibaldi Jacket, violin
Lizzy Willis Martha Beamish, Polly


Joey Bradick (tin whistle, guitar)
Evie Ley
Ella McKenzie
Skye McKenzie
Archie Patterson
Paul Sanders (trumpet)
Sam South


Lark Rise

Production Team
Director : David Taylor
Musical Director : Colin Guthrie
Movement and Assistant Director : Ruth Sullivan
Costume Design : Kym Gribble
Lighting Design : Laurence Tuerk

Stage Manager : Alexandra Ley
ASMs : Michelle Roebuck, Sam South
Lighting Operator : Adam Taylor
Props and Furniture Construction :
Keith Syrett, Wendy Parry
Wardrobe : Lynda Twidale, Jill Batty
Wigs and Hair : Frances Hounsom
Rigging : Stephen Ley