The Birthday Party  
The Birthday Party

by Harold Pinter

Directed by Roger Beaumont

June 8th - 12th, 2010

The Tower Theatre performing at the Bridewell Theatre

Photography by Alexander Knapp
Petey : Brian Harris
Stanley : Dominic Ward
Goldberg : David Sellar
Meg : Jill Batty
Lulu : Sarah Brothwell
McCann : Harry Reeder
Production Team
Director : Roger Beaumont
Set Design : Roger Beaumont
Wardrobe : Jill Batty
Lighting Design : Nick Insley
assisted by Elizabeth Elstub
Sound Design : Phillip Ley and Colin Guthrie

Stage Manager : Dinah Irvine
Assistant Stage Managers : Joanne Barrett, Vivien Von Abendorf
Lighting Operator : Elizabeth Elstub
Sound Operator : Katie Carelton
Set Construction : Andy Hind, Keith Syrett and members of the cast & crew