Whipping It Up

by Steve Thompson

Bridewell Theatre, Fleet Street
April 13 - 17, 2010



Chief Whip (Fulton)Ric Cooper
Chief Opposition Whip (Delia)Sue Brodie
Junior Whip (Tim)Theo Leonard
Deputy Chief Whip (Alastair)Simon Boughey
Researcher (Maggie)Sophie Bide
Backbench MP (Guy)Jimmy Smallwood


Whipping It Up

Production Team
Director : Lesley Strachan
Assistant Director : Jo Green
Set Design : Jude Chalk
Costume Design : Celia Reynolds
Lighting Design : Steph Pötschke
Sound Design : Rob Widdicombe

Stage Manager : Robert Irvine
Deputy Stage Manager : Francis Lawn
Assistant Stage Manager : Jayne Lawrence
Lighting Operator : Andy Barrett
Sound Operator : Vassia Pappa
Rehearsal Prompt : Sheila Burbidge
Set Construction : Keith Syrett, Phillip Ley, Stephen Ley, John McSpadyen and members of the cast & crew