The Sea

by Edward Bond

Bridewell Theatre, Fleet Street
November 17 - 21, 2009

The Sea



Willy Carson Stewart Lockwood
Evens Paul Rutledge
Hatch Peter Barrs
Mrs Rafi Jill Batty
Mrs Tilehouse Harriet Watson
Hollarcut Matthew Cosgrove
Thompson Mark Simmonds
Vicar Christopher Yates
Mafanwy Price Aoibhéann McCann
Jilly Zoë Thomas-Webb
Rachel Louisa Shindle
Rose Deepa Sutherland


Production Team
Director : Ruth Sullivan
Assistant Director : Lara Muth
Set Design : Laurence Tuerk & Ruth Sullivan
Costumes : Kym Gribble, Jill Batty, Alice Blogg, Zoë Thomas-Webb
Lighting Design : Nick Insley
Assisted by : Jane Cahill
Sound Design and Music : Colin Guthrie

Stage Manager : Neal J Roberts
Assistant Stage Managers : Louise Banbury and Giulia Bertolini
Lighting Operator : Hazel East
Sound Operator : Oliver Murray
Set Construction : Laurence Tuerk, Keith Syrett, Jude Chalk, Andy Hind, Keith Hill, John McSpadyen and Chris Paddon with members of the cast & crew