The Sea  
The Sea

by Edward Bond

Directed by Ruth Sullivan

November 17th - 21st, 2009

The Tower Theatre performing at the Bridewell Theatre

Photography by Alexander Knapp
Willy Carson : Stewart Lockwood
Evens : Paul Rutledge
Hatch : Peter Barrs
Mrs Rafi : Jill Batty
Mrs Tilehouse : Harriet Watson
Hollarcut : Matthew Cosgrove
Thompson : Mark Simmonds
Vicar : Christopher Yates
Mafanwy Price : Aoibhíann McCann
Jilly : Zoë Thomas-Webb
Rachel : Louisa Shindle
Rose : Deepa Sutherland
Production Team
Director : Ruth Sullivan
Assistant Director : Lara Muth
Set Design : Laurence Tuerk and Ruth Sullivan
Costumes : Kym Gribble, Jill Batty, Alice Blogg, Zoë Thomas-Webb
Lighting Design : Nick Insley
Assisted by : Jane Cahill
Sound Design and Music : Colin Guthrie

Stage Manager : Neal J Roberts Assistant Stage Managers : Louise Banbury and Giulia Bertolini
Lighting Operator : Hazel East
Sound Operator : Oliver Murray
Set Construction : Laurence Tuerk, Keith Syrett, Jude Chalk, Andy Hind, Keith Hill, John McSpadyen and Chris Paddon with members of the cast & crew