The Misanthrope  
The Misanthrope

by Molière
In a version by Martin Crimp

Directed by Emmeline Winterbotham

October 27th - 31st, 2009

The Tower Theatre performing at the Bridewell Theatre

Photography by Alexander Knapp
Alceste : Steve Crowley
John : Andy Barrett
Covington : Gately Freeman
Jennifer : Emma Spence
Ellen : Vicky Booth
Alexander : Ian Hoare
Julian St John Smith : Brian Tynan
Motorbike messenger / Simon : Rachel Cohen
Marcia : Steph Pötschke
Production Team
Director : Emmeline Winterbotham
Assistant Director : Lesley Strachan
Set Design : David Taylor
with assistance from Jude Chalk and Keith Syrett
Costume Design : Kym Gribble
with assistance from Jackie Robinson
Lighting Design : Jo Green
Sound and Graphic Design : Rob Widdicombe
Music : Katie Bennington
Musicians : Katie Bennington (oboe), Pat Bamber (saxophone), Mercedes Carroll (double bass), Caz Wolfson (percussion)

Stage Manager : Robert Irvine
ASMs : Cíara Constanti, Francis Lawn
Lighting Operator : Tony Matthews
Sound Operator : Andrew Carson
Wardrobe : Jill Batty, Meryl Griffiths
Wigs : Kym Gribble, Jackie Robinson, Anna Sargent
Set Construction : Jude Chalk, Keith Syrett
Voice coach : Julia Collier