The Lady from the Sea

by Henrik Ibsen, translated by Michael Meyer

Bridewell Theatre, Fleet Street
July 14 - 18, 2009



Dr Wangel Ian Recordon
Ellida Simona Hughes
Bolette Nikky Arding
Hilde Amy Dawson
Arnholm Matthew Vickers
Lyngstrand Stuart Brown
Ballested Alistair Maydon
A stranger Robert Reeve
Tourists and citizens Kate Fearnley
Janet South
Barbara Mathews
Tom Tillery
Zuzu Oliel


The Lady from the Sea

Production Team
Director : Jonathan Lermit
Set Designer : Wendy Parry
Costume Designer : Kim Gribble
Lighting Designer : Robin Snowdon
Sound Designers : Colin Guthrie and Phillip Ley

Stage Manager : Lesley Scarth
Assistant Stage Managers : Janet South, Barbara Mathews, Kate Fearnley, Tom Tillery, Zuzu Oliel, Dinah Irvine, Chris Paddon, Sam South, Sam Rinsler
Lighting Operator : Celena Bretton
Sound Operator : Jane Cahill
Set Construction : Keith Syrett and members of the cast & crew