by Bernard Shaw

Directed by Barrie Addenbrooke


June 9th - 13th, 2009

The Tower Theatre performing at the Bridewell Theatre

Photography by Alexander Knapp and Elizabeth Goode
Professor Henry Higgins : Anthony Green
Eliza Doolittle : Tara Dowd
Colonel Pickering : Nicholas Cannon
Mrs Higgins : Alison Liney
Alfred Doolittle : Jonathan Norris
Mrs Pearce : Nadra Shah
Mrs Eynsford-Hill : Harriet Watson
Freddy Eynsford-Hill : Brian Tynan
Clara Eynsford-Hill : Louise Edwards
Parlourmaid : Isobel Henderson
Bystanders at Covent Garden : Louise Banbury, Martin Brady, Sam Calver, Henry Chester, Isobel Henderson, Freddie Norris, Jackie Robinson, Ruth Sanderson, Nadra Shah, Alison Liney
Production Team
Director : Barrie Addenbrooke
Set Designer : Tess Walsh
Costume Designers : Barrie Addenbrooke and Jackie Robinson
Lighting Designer : Andrew Peregrine
Sound Designer : Phillip Ley

Stage Manager : Neal J. Roberts
Deputy Stage Manager : Martin Brady
Assistant Stage Managers : Louise Banbury, Sam Calver, Henry Chester
Lighting Operator : Elizabeth Goode
Sound Operator : Rachel Cohen
Wardrobe : Pauline Bennett, Kym Gribble, Zahra Kanji, Elaine Prenzlau, Eve Smith, Marguerite Smith, Marcus Toulmin-Rothe, Harriet Watson
Upholsterer : Bill Leahy
Construction Manager : Keith Syrett
Set Construction : Sheila Burbidge, Jude Chalk, John McSpadyen, Tess Walsh and members of the cast & crew
Hair and Make-up : London School of Media Makeup
Graphic Designer : Sue Lacey