The Hamlet Company  

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Martin Mulgrew

June 2nd - 7th, 2009

The Tower Theatre performing in the Jardin Shakespeare, Bois de Boulogne, Paris

Photography by Rachel Hindley and Laurence Tuerk
Hamlet : Paul Jacobs
The Ghost of Hamlet's father/Claudius : Alex Barker
Gertrude : Karen Walker
Polonius : John Morton
Ophelia : Haidee Elise
Laertes : Sam Reed
Horatio : Liam Byrne
Rosencrantz : Sam Child
Guildenstern : Mark Harrop
Osric : Richard Pedersen
Player King/Gravedigger : Richard Kirby
Player Queen : Ruth Sullivan
Francisco/Lucianus/phamlet understudy : Chris Paddon
Production Team
Director : Martin Mulgrew
Assistant Director : Ruth Sullivan
Set Design : Alex Kerr
Costume Design : Zahra Mansouri
Subtitles : Penny Tuerk
Sound and Lighting : Laurence Tuerk
Fight Choreographer : Lindsay Royan

Stage Manager : Dinah Irvine
Assistant Stage Manager : Guinevere Tufnell
Tour Manager : Laurence Tuerk
Front of House : Jean Carr, Beryl Holyoake, David Holyoake, Chris Holmes, Michelle Roebuck, Anna Fiorentini
Publicity : Jean Carr, Roanne Insley
Voice Coach : Julia Collier

We had outstanding reaction from the audiences to our production of Hamlet in Paris ...

I would like to congratulate you on your recent performance of Hamlet which we saw at the Shakespeare Theatre. It was my daughter's (12) first Shakespeare performance and the powerful and moving enactment of the play by your dedicated and talented actors kept her attention throughout. I hope you will continue to bring such excellence to Paris. You can definitely count on us for your next engagement. With much appreciation and thanks,
Dr. Zara Faridany-Akhavan

We saw your production of Hamlet in the Bois de Boulogne last Saturday. The performances were enthralling, especially that of Paul Jacobs who was a nuanced and utterly credible Hamlet. Do come back next year, as we will be there!
SC and J Dickson

Our group thoroughly enjoyed Sunday afternoon's performance despite the pouring rain.
Karen Samimi

What a wonderful performance of Hamlet. Just sorry it rained. They were still wonderful. Hope to see another productions this summer in the Park.
Eva Ravenel

I think that your Theatre's performances in the Jardin de Shakespeare are a wonderful opportunity for all English speakers / learners in Paris to enjoy Shakespeare's plays in this beautiful setting.
Though yours is an amateur company, the performances I've witnessed up to now (Twelfth Night and Hamlet) were remarkably professional. We appreciated the classical style of the staging very much.
We do hope that your company will be able to come back next year, with another of Shakespeare's comedies - however, in classical (more or less Renaissance) costumes! (costumes in Hamlet were the only dubious point of this performance for me).
Olga Litviakov

My family (including two children, ages 10 and 13) and many friends attended the June 7 performance of Hamlet, and despite the rain, we all thoroughly enjoyed it. The children, also, were completely captivated. Congratulations to all of the actors who put on such a splendid show, and who remained so professional while getting completely rained on. The actors who portrayed Hamlet and Claudius were particularly fine.
The Jardin Shakespeare is the perfect setting for the Tower Theatre Company's productions, and I hope they will continue to put on plays there for many years to come.
Ms. Min Ku

Thank You Tower Theatre Company for all
* your energy
* your dedication
* your organisation
* your professionalism
I hope you can come to Paris next year to educate and entertain us and our children. I will look forward to seeing one of your productions again.
Julie Macdonald

My family attended your performance of Hamlet yesterday, Sunday, June 7th. We had hoped the weather would hold, as I'm sure you had, but alas, it was not to be! I must say that we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves despite the conditions and wondered more than once how the actors managed to maintain their poise. While the majority of our party headed to the back tents and sides for cover my 15 year old daughter, head uncovered, refused to budge, remaining stubbornly in her seat till the final actor had left the stage. When asked later why she didn't at least go stand to the side and use her umbrella, she said she felt that if all the actors could go on in the pouring rain then she, as an audience member, should be able to manage at least the same. I'm enclosing a photos I snapped of her at the end of the performance where, with water dripping down her chin, she is calling out 'bravo'! You know you've done an excellent job when you can get a 15 year old to do that. Thank you for the riveting performance!
Diane Glover

Juste un message pour encourager l'équipe de Hamlet a continuer ses spectacles, si apprécies! Mes enfants et moi-même étions ravis d'être dans ce lieu si magnifique et nous avions beaucoup aimé "Hamlet", malgré la forte pluie! Nous irons certainement l'année prochaine.
Marina Fabian

Just a quick note to say I saw Hamlet last Thursday at the Jardin Shakespeare and really very much enjoyed the production. I was very impressed with the quality of the show and would definitely like to come again sometime. Thanks very much!
Andrea Troxel

What a fabulous play your troupe performed yesterday! I stayed through the end, rain and all, and really enjoyed it. I have to say though that I had a hard time hearing the Queen's dialog.
Please come back next year and I will bring along more friends. Let's hope for better weather but I'll come regardless.
Have a pleasant visit in Paris. Good luck with your other performance and tours.
Karen Seidman

Thanks very much for a fantastic performance, rain and all!! My 11 year old son John Markus (who was not excited about going) could not take his eyes off the stage. He sat through the rain and cold without one complaint. He was able to discuss the story with me and couldn't wait to tell his older brother all about it. He was scared, fascinated, enthralled ...
His English class had studied Shakespeare and he was very excited to get to school and tell his teacher and class all about it. Thank you for opening a child's eyes to the theater!! Can't wait for next year.
Elizabeth Osborne

I thought of you all packing up damp equipment on Sunday - what a shame after the dry week. Hope that the return journey was OK.
Thank you for a highly enjoyable performance of Hamlet on Thursday. It is always a pleasure to see Shakespeare being performed in this beautiful garden on the natural stage. I thought that this production did an excellent job of bringing out the meanings in this classic play. The non-anglophone members of our group appreciated the clarity of the performance and were also grateful for the French subtitles to supplement their understanding of the language. The actors really emphasized Shakespeare's legacy by clarifying the phrases that have entered modern language.
The play was a visual delight with eye-catching costumes and an imaginative stage direction. I particularly enjoyed the use of frozen scenes during Hamlet's soliloquies. The highlight of the stage direction was the thrilling sword fight which was extraordinarily professional.
The Tower Theatre Company's annual visit to the Jardin Shakespeare is an English language highlight in the Paris cultural calendar. I look forward to hearing which play you will perform next year.

I was invited by friends from BP to attend Hamlet on Wednesday 3 June. I enjoyed it very much (this was the third time, having attended Romeo and Juliet and The Tempest previously). Special congratulations to Paul Jacobs. I look forward to attending next play in 2010!
Catherine Landel-Gueugneau

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Hamlet last night. The actors were brilliant and my friend and I really loved it.
I wish you lots of success with your company and thank you for such an enjoyable evening.
Joan Cahill

Hamlet on 2 June 2009 in Paris by the Tower Theatre Company was excellent! Congratulations and thanks to the players and to the director.
Ana Atallah

Je tenais à vous écrire pour féliciter le groupe d'acteurs du Tower Théatre pour leur performance de Hamlet au Pré Catalan. J'y suis allée jeudi 4 juin et j'ai adoré la pièce de théâtre, l'ambiance, et j'ai beaucoup apprécié la qualité des acteurs.
C'est la deuxième année de suite que j'y participe et j'y retournerai avant grand plaisir l'année prochaine.
N. Collarile

Just to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the production of Hamlet in Shakespeare's Garden in Paris on 02/06/09. Paul Jacobs was simply wonderful. Looking forward to next year's production.
Karen Hope

Just a quick note to say how much we appreciated the show last night. Hamlet was outstanding with so much energy. The whole cast was very good and the setting as beautiful as ever. We had a wonderful time. This is my second year of attending your plays and I'll make sure I'll see the next. Congratulations to all and a big thank you.
Pascale Dejardin

Having watched Tower Theatre performances in "thunder, lightning and in rain" at the Pré Catalan in past years, it was such a pleasure to enjoy a wonderful performance last evening with exceptional weather and a truly talented cast. Hamlet was brought to life with a professionalism and clarity rarely found outside the RSC. I am intrigued by your new theatre project in London and hope that in some small way, the Cambridge Society of Paris made a positive contribution to assist you in fulfilling your dream.
Bob Bell

Mme F Cousin

This was our first visit to the Tower Theatre in the Shakespeare Garden in Paris. We had a great evening and the production this year was clearly outstanding. Special thanks to an incredible Hamlet - very convincing, kept the pressure on throughout.
Please keep us informed about future productions. Good luck with the new theatre project.
Robert and Sarah Mackenzie

I write to say that I was extremely enthused by the performance of Hamlet at The Shakespeare Theatre in Paris yesterday, June 2nd, 2009. The actors, the stage production, everything was flawless. A very special "bravo" to Paul Jacobs for his outstanding performance. Hoping you will come to Paris again
Lucia Dumont

My daughter and I were so thrilled to see your most excellent performance of Hamlet on Sunday. The quality of the acting was excellent. I have seen this play performed many times, but this was one of the best. I look forward to seeing you perform again next year. I hope I can bring some friends with me next year.
I loved the charming open air theatre. I never knew it existed until I heard about your performance. I was so pleased to learn that Paris had an open air theatre like the London Regents Park Theatre. Your actors were very brave to continue on through the heavy rainstorm. Thank you for introducing me to the theatre. I noticed that this theatre has other performances during the summer, so I will hope to go see them, particularly the Molière play.
Mary Toman

We attended last Thursday's production of Hamlet and could not have enjoyed the troupe's performance more! The actors were, to a person, extremely professional and really made the play come to life. The Jardin Shakespeare is a beautiful setting, and you used the stage exceptionally well. It would be fun to see one of Shakespeare's comedies in the park next year, which would also be appealing to the younger members of our family (ages 9 and 11), too!
Amy Mock

Hamlet was really very good indeed. (Jardin Shakespeare, Bois de Boulogne, 4.6.09). Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Peter Raby

Just a word to say how much we appreciated Hamlet, about which I had reservations, partly because we saw a Hamlet last year in English in Paris which, although performed with excellent miming and quick-change skill by a very small number of people, was marred by Hamlet himself. They had given the role to a young West-Indian man. He not only didn't look like a Danish prince, or in the least bit melancholy, but he was so preoccupied with physically expressed emotion that he was practically incomprehensible.
These people are very enterprising but, when I wrote about it, saying that if I, British born and educated, couldn't understand what he said, there was little chance of French school-children doing so, they explained they had taken a chance.
You, of course, didn't have that problem. You seem to have an inexhaustible supply of well-spoken actors and it is always a pleasure to attend. We have now been to see about seven of your performances The Shakespeare garden is extremely beautiful and well adapted for plays and you make good use of it. We also appreciated the new chairs!
Kathleen Dejardin

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your production of Hamlet this year ! We came on Tuesday and we had a thoroughly good evening ... the sun shone in the first half and kept us warm, then there was the champagne and the strawberries, we only got cold towards the end but the action was so compelling that we didn't feel uncomfortable at all!!
Hamlet himself was superb, what a very promising actor, he kept us on the edge of our seats, he has a presence I felt to be magnetic! Congratulations to you all, the other actors were also excellent, Hamlet's mother deserves special praise and Ophelia, the standard was very high this year and I hope you have a good season.....
We look forward to next year's production.
Sally Parry

I wanted to let you know that we were so pleased with your production of Hamlet in Paris this past Sunday. We took our children who actually sat through the rain and said they liked the play! My 15 year old attended a production of Shakespeare in the Globe Theatre and said he enjoyed this one better, by the way.
The actor who played Hamlet was REALLY good. They all were. I was amazed they kept going in a torrential downpour. Thank you very much.
Kathryn and Kirk Riedinger

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much my family and I appreciated the performance of Hamlet. We attended in the rain on Sunday, and were truly impressed with the calibre of the troupe, and their dedication to the craft.
My son, who is 9-years-old, and has studied theatre now for 3 years, found it enchanting to see a play enacted before him with such passion and skill. It gave him inspiration to continue his studies.
Thank you for bringing Shakespeare to Paris, and we are ready to come back again next year.
Rhonda Bernard

My students loved the performance of Hamlet, especially the actor playing Hamlet. I really felt my students learned a lot from seeing Shakespeare performed live. BRAVO!. Hopefully we will see you again next year!
Debbie Hartwig

La réprésentation était une grande réussite. Le jeu des acteurs formidable, surtout 'Hamlet'. Et le cadre du théâtre de verdure, enchantent!
(Une petite remarque: les sous-titres étaient trop loin des acteurs et pas toujours très bien synchronises!)
Bravo!! Merci!
Muriel Natan

Thank you very much for this wonderful play. They were great!!! All the comediens.
Tirou Appolaire

Please congratulate whoever played Hamlet dans Le Jardin de Shakespeare. He was simply SUPER. An intelligence performance filled with ingenious, diabolical wit & energy. It was a new take on Hamlet for me & I loved it.
Kate Ernst

An ever renewed pleasure, that I wouldn't miss for anything. This year, with 'my' play - the one I had the luck to study with a renowned Shakespeare scholar, and which I know great chunks of by heart, Hamlet, was a crowning touch, with a particularly remarkable Prince, perhaps the best of the many I have seen!
Annie Nicot