The Mysteries  
The Mysteries

From the 14th century cycles of the medieval trade guilds

Adapted and Directed by Colin Smith

November 18th - 22nd, 2008

The Tower Theatre performing at St Mary's Church, Stoke Newington

Photography by Alexander Knapp
Narrator : Penny Tuerk
God : Marcus Toulmin-Rothe

The Creation
Adam : Rowan Tafler
Eve : Maria-Teresa Lander
Seraphim : Jill Batty
Lucifer, later Satan : Jo Green
Solo Singer : Jonathan Norris

Cain and Abel
Abel : Emmanuel Koutsis
Cain : Ed Malcolmson
Boy : Freddie Norris

Noah and the Deluge
Noah : Paul Rutledge
Mrs Noah : Sheila Burbidge
Shem : Jo Green
Ham : Rowan Tafler
Japhet : Ed Malcolmson
Shem's Wife : Anna Elena Pepe
Ham's Wife : Maxine Howard
Japhet's Wife : Annemarie Fearnley
Gossip : Kate Fearnley
Dove Fancier : Freddie Norris

Abraham and Isaac
Abraham : Tom Tillery
Isaac : Steve Crowley
Doctor of Law : Koullis Kyriacou

Moses and Pharaoh
Moses : Ian Hoare
Pharaoh : John Cornwell
Two Counsellors : Ian Recordon, Richard Kirby
Three Jews : Steve Crowley, Teresa Brennan, Harriet Watson
Two Egyptians : Jill Batty, Koullis Kyriacou

The Nativity
Isaiah : Brice Pitt
Angel Gabriel : Rowan Tafler
Mary : Elizabeth Goode
Joseph : Jonathan Norris
Three Shepherds : John Morton, Peter Novis, Leslie Smith
Two Angels : Annemarie Fearnley, Anna Elena Pepe

Guildsmen, Townspeople, Countrymen, Gossips, Angels, Egyptians and Israelites are played by members of the cast
Production Team
Director : Colin Smith
Assistant Director : John Field
Producer : Jean Carr
Costume and Set Design : Jean Carr
Lighting Design : Laurence Tuerk
Sound Design : Phillip Ley

Stage Manager : Dinah Irvine
Lighting and Sound Operators : Michelle Roebuck, Laurence Tuerk, Phillip Ley
Wardrobe : Jill Batty, Sheila Burbidge, Celia Reynolds, Dinah Irvine
Poster Design and Puppetry : Ken Haines
Music Consultant : Graham Silcock
Set Construction and Rigging : Keith Syrett, Stephen Ley and members of the cast & crew
Repetiteur : Kate Fearnley