Hay Fever  
Hay Fever

by Noël Coward

Directed by Sara Randall

October 8th - 12th
& 14th - 18th, 2008

The Tower Theatre performing at Theatro Technis, Camden

Photography by Alexander Knapp
Sorrel, daughter of Judith and David Bliss : Vicky Booth
Simon, their son : Cameron Robertson
Clara, Judith's dresser/house-keeper : Louisa Shindle
Judith Bliss, an actress and West-End star : Penny Tuerk
David Bliss, her husband, a famous novelist : Gately Freeman
Sandy Tyrell, an adoring fan : Mark Simmonds
Myra Arundel, an ambitious socialite : Anna Fiorentini
Richard Greatham, a diplomat : Matthew Vickers
Jackie Coryton, a flapper : Nikki Ward
Production Team
Director : Sara Randall
Set Design : Nigel Martin
Costume Design : Haidee Elise
Lighting Design : Nick Insley
Sound Design : Alexander Knapp

Stage Managers : Bernice and Graham Molloy
Assistant Stage Managers : Alexander Knapp, Tara Willson
Lighting Operator : Alexander Knapp
Sound Operators : Daniel Elser, Michelle Roebuck
Hair and Wigs : Helen Dudley
Set Construction : Nigel Martin, Keith Syrett and members of the cast & crew
Rehearsal Prompt : Alison Liney
Sound Assistant : Laurence Tuerk
Publicity : Emily Frith
Poster Design : Helen Dudley