Curiouser and Curiouser  
Curiouser and Curiouser

An adaptation of the Alice in Wonderland adventures

by Penny Tuerk and Anne Connell
Music by Colin Guthrie

Directed by Penny Tuerk

December 13th - 22nd, 2007

The Tower Theatre performing at Theatro Technis, Camden

Photography by Alexander Knapp
Amy Dawson : Alice
Colin Guthrie : Paper Passenger, Knave of Hearts, Keyboards
Elizabeth Willis : Daisy, Eaglet, Five of Spades, Juror, Singer
Emily Frith : Rose, Tweedledee, Oboe
Guy Hescott : Young Lewis Carroll, White Rabbit
Haidee Elise : Alice's elder sister, Red Queen
Jonathan Norris : Train Guard, Humpty Dumpty, Trombone
Lucy Cork : Daisy, Horse Passenger, Cheshire Cat
Martin Mulgrew : Goat Passenger, Frog Footman, King of Hearts
Martin South : Tiger Lily, Duck, Mad Hatter, Red Knight, Guitar
Phillip Ley : Monstrous Crow, Guard, Bass Guitar
Philippa Tatham : Beetle Passenger, Fish Footman, Tweedledum, Dormouse, Seven of Spades
Richard Kirby : Dodo, March Hare, Executioner, Mock Turtle
Richard Willis : Duchess, Gryphon, Trumpet
Ruth Sullivan : Lory, Caterpillar, Queen of Hearts
Sheila Burbidge : Mouse, Cook, White Queen, Two of Spades
Tom Tillery : Old Lewis Carroll, White Knight
Vicki Young : Daisy, Bat Passenger, Flute

Other parts and musical instruments played by members of the Company
Production Team
Director : Penny Tuerk
Assistant Director : Anne Connell
Musical Director : Colin Guthrie
Movement Director and Choreography : Janet South
Design : David Taylor and E.J.Taylor
Lighting Design : Stephen Ley
Wardrobe : Nigel Martin with Celia Reynolds, Denyse Macpherson, Eve Smith and Pauline Bennett

Stage Manager : Laurence Tuerk
Deputy Stage Manager : Meryl Griffiths
Assistant Stage Manager : Margaret Ley
Lighting Operator : Chris Paddon
Puppets and masks made by : E.J. Taylor
Properties and headdresses made by : Anna Sargent, Helen Guthrie, Jean Carr, Jeff Kelly, Jo Staples, Paulo Silva, Rae Yates, Sharon Burke, Tess Walsh and Wendy Parry
Poster Design : Phylip Harries
Publicity Co-Ordinator : Roanne Insley