The Old Country  
The Old Country

by Alan Bennett

Directed by Chris Holmes

November 13th - 17th, 2007

The Tower Theatre performing at Theatro Technis, Camden

Photography by Liam Muir
Hilary : Alistair Maydon
Bron : Alison Liney
Eric : Chris Cullen
Olga : Jane Dodd
Duff : Paul Rutledge
Veronica : Emmeline Winterbotham
Production Team
Director : Chris Holmes
Set Design : Keith Syrett and Chris Holmes
Based on an idea by Sue Lacey
Costume Design : Haidee Elise
Lighting Design : Jo Green
Sound Design : Phillip Ley

Stage Manager : Lorraine Terry
DSM : Faye Poskitt
ASM : Katy Child
Rehearsal DSM : Philippa Tatham
Lighting Operator : Jane Cahill
Sound Operators : Lesley Scarth or Alex Barker
Set Painting : Tess Walsh, Sue Lacey
Set Construction : Keith Syrett, John McSpadyen and members of the cast & crew
Leaflet Design : Sue Lacey