The Country Wife

by William Wycherley

Bridewell Theatre, Fleet Street
Apr 17 - 21, 2007


Lurk, a servant to Horner

Colin Dent

Mr Horner, a Libertine

Paul Norton

Dr Quack, a Physician

Christopher Yates

Sir Jasper Fidget, a Man of Means

John Cornwell

My Lady Fidget, his wife

Julia Collier

Mrs Dainty Fidget, his sister

Vanessa Westing

Captain Harcourt, friend to Horner

Christopher Tester

Mr Dorilant, friend to Horner

Robin Hodges

Mr Sparkish, a Fop

Luke Simonds

Mr Pinchwife

Jonathan Norris

Alithea, sister to Pinchwife, engaged to Sparkish

Leyla Hart

Mrs Marjorie Pinchwife

Haidee Cameron

Lucy, maid to Alithea

Emily Frith

Mrs Squeamish, friend to Lady Fidget

Sue Brodie

Old Lady Squeamish, her grandmother

Denyse Macpherson

Production Team
Director : Sara Randall
Set Realisation : Wendy Parry & Keith Syrett
Costume Designer : Noreen Spall
Lighting Designer : Jo Green
Sound Designer : Phillip Ley

Stage Managers : Martin Brady, Graham Molloy
Assistant Stage Managers : Margaret Ley, Bernice Molloy, Moira McSperrin, Nigel Martin, Alison Porter
Lighting Operator : Chris Holmes
Sound Operators : Jayne Lawrence, Phillip Ley
Wardrobe : Kay Perversi, Sheila Burbidge, Celia Reynolds, Jill Batty
Hair & Wigs : Karen Killaspy
Set Construction & Rigging : Keith Syrett, Nick Insley, Stephen Ley and members of the cast & crew