Torch Song Trilogy

by Harvey Fierstein

Bridewell Theatre, Fleet Street
Mar 13 17, 2007



Lady BlueFenella Lee
Arnold Beckoff Martin Jackson
Ed Reiss Barry Heselden
Laurel Fenella Lee
Alan Kaj Meerstadt
David Simon Howe
Ma Beckoff Sheila Burbidge
DJs Stuart Thurston
Colin Guthrie
Stage Hand Kara McLean


Torch Song Trilogy

Production Team
Director : Lily Ann Green
Assistant Director : Chris Paddon
Musical Director : Colin Guthrie
Set Design : Lily Ann Green & Chris Paddon
realisation by Keith Syrett
Costume Designer : Peter Westbury
Cabaret Costume Design : Barrie Addenbrooke
interpreted by Jackie Robinson
Lighting Design : Robin Snowdon
Sound Design : Stephen Ley
Music Recordings : Andy Marchant

Stage Manager : Lorraine Terry
Deputy Stage Manager : Martin Brady
ASMs : Kara McLean, Jonathan Gadsby
Lighting Operator : Oliver Hart-Leverton
Sound Operator : Matthew Vickers
Wardrobe : Johnny Burke
Wigs & Make-up : London School of Media Make-up
Set Construction : Keith Syrett, friends and members of the cast & crew