More Grimm Tales
dramatised by Tim Supple

Bridewell Theatre, Fleet Street
December 14 - 16 & 18 - 20, 2006


Little Red Cap
Little Red Cap

Diane Carr
Grandmother Miriam Smith
MotherHaidee Cameron
WolfChris Paddon
Huntsman Ian Chaplain

Clever Hans


Martin Buttery
Mother Diane Carr
Gretel Miriam Smith

Two Households

Walpe Woman 1

Miriam Smith
Walpe Woman 2Diane Carr

Brother Scamp


Richard Gittins
St. Peter Chris Paddon
WifeDiane Carr
HusbandMartin Buttery
King/8th DevilIan Chaplain
Inn Keeper/HermitHaidee Cameron
NoblemanMiriam Smith

The Hare & The Hedgehog


Chris Paddon
HedgehogMartin Buttery
Mrs. Hedgehog Haidee Cameron
HareRichard Gittins

Musicians of Bremen


Miriam Smith
Donkey Ian Chaplain
DogHaidee Cameron
Cat Martin Buttery
Cock Diane Carr
Chief Robber Richard Gittins
Second Robber Chris Paddon

Ungrateful Son

Ian Chaplain
Diane Carr


Miriam Smith
KingIan Chaplain
DaughterRichard Gittins
RumpelstiltskinMartin Buttery
QueenChris Paddon

Snow White


Richard Gittins
MotherHaidee Cameron
Evil Queen/3 dwarvesDiane Carr
Snow White Miriam Smith
Huntsman Ian Chaplain
4 DwarvesMartin Buttery
PrinceChris Paddon

More Grimm Tales

Production Team
Director : Allan Stronach
Set Design : The Company
Lighting Design : Stephen Ley
Sound Design : Phillip Ley
Costume Design : Diane Carr
Stage Manager : Lesley Scarth
Assistant Stage Manager : Colette Dockery
Lighting Operator : Jayne Lawrence
Sound Operator : Alan Boyle
Set Construction : Keith Syrett & members of the Company