Lock Up Your Daughters
adapted by Bernard Miles from Henry Fielding's Rape upon Rape
Bridewell Theatre, Fleet Street
March 23 - April 1, 2006
Staff, a constable Colin Dent
Mr. Squeezum, a corrupt justice Frank Crocker
Quill, Squeezum's clerk Chris Peregrine
Mrs. Squeezum Eileen Marner
Sotmore Brice Pitt
Captain Ramble Daniel Watson
Brazencourt, an innkeeper Chris Peregrine
Politic, a coffee-house politician Tom Tillery
Hilaret, Politic's daughter Pam O'Brien
Cloris, her maid Miriam Smith
Dabble, Politic's friend Henry Chester
Faithful, Politic's servant Christopher Yates
Worthy, an honest justice Harriet Watson
Captain Constant, a military gallant Guy Hescott

The Band

Jonathan Norris (piano/keyboard)
Emma Brown or Sue Fitzgerald (flute)
Paddy Clements or Louise Strong (French horn)
Howard Hutt (trumpet)
Peta Barker (percussion)
Janice Barry-Williams (double bass)


Lock Up Your Daughters

Production Team
Directors : Guy Saunders, Pat Grosse
Musical Director : Jonathan Norris
Choreographer : Anna Twilley
Assistant Choreographer : Helen Dudley
Lighting Design : Robin Snowdon
Costume Design : Elaine Prenzlau
Sound Designer : Stephen Ley

Stage Management : Graham Molloy, Bernice Molloy, Claire Rice, Cathy Thomas
Wig Assistant : Karen Killaspy
Prompt : Jill Batty
Wardrobe : Jackie Robinson, Blossom Huggins, Meryl Griffiths, Sheila Burbidge
Lighting operators : Chris Holmes, Nathalie Lake, Robin Snowdon
Set construction : Keith Syrett, Laurence Tuerk, David Taylor, Stephen Ley, Richard Pedersen, Andy Hind and members of the cast & crew