Smokey Joe's Café  
Smokey Joe's Café

by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller

Directed by Sara Randall

8th - 11th and 13th - 17th December, 2005

The Tower Theatre performing at the Bridewell Theatre


Cast List

The Company
Bob Bradick
Helen Dudley
Clarisse East
Paul Emmott
Sharona Key-Barry
Peter Ley
Rachel Phipps
Jason Thomas

The Band Clive Swan (MD/Piano)
Arthur Garrison (Drums)
Kimwei (Guitar)
Phillip Ley (Bass)
Peta Barker (Percussion)
Colin Guthrie (Synthesiser)
Luca Burroughs (Saxophone)


Production Team

Director : Sara Randall
Musical Director : Clive Swan
Set Design : David Taylor
Choreographer : Alison Kaby
Lighting Design : Robin Snowden
Costume Design : Kay Perversi
Sound Design : Stephen Ley
Associate Choreographer : Samantha Gallop

Stage Managers : Jean Carr, Margaret Ley
ASMs : Nick Gulvin Jayne Lawrence, Nigel Martin, Celia Reynolds, David Taylor
Lighting operator : Jacky Devitt
Sound operator : Robin Snowden