Night Must Fall
by Emlyn Williams

Bridewell Theatre, Fleet Street
July 26 - 30, 2005


The Lord Chief Justice Leslie Smith
Mrs Bramson Eileen Marner
Olivia Grayne Amy Simpson
Hubert Laurie Chris Paddon
Nurse Libby Kara McLean
Mrs Terence, Mrs Bransom's cook Alison Liney
Dora Parkoe, her maid Rebekah Higgitt
Inspector Belsize Gateley Freeman
Dan Stephen Brown

Night Must Fall
Chris Paddon, Amy Simpson, Rebekah Higgitt & Alison Liney

Production Team
Director : Chris Peregrine
Set Design : Samantha Barton
Lighting Design : Andrew Peregrine
Sound Design : Phillip Ley
Costume Design : Blossom Huggins, Clare Amos

Stage Managers : Phyllis Spencer, Martin Mulgrew
ASMs : Claudia Dougall, Molly Willis
Lighting & Sound operator : Martin Brady
Properties : Sarah Chipperfield, Ann Watchorn
Set construction : Keith Syrett and members of the cast