by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Penny Tuerk

Monday 11th -
Friday 15th July, 2005

The Tower Theatre performing at the Minack Theatre, Cornwall


Cast List

Teddy Platt : Ian Recordon
Trish Platt : Anne Connell
Sally Platt : Rachel Phipps
Giles Mace : Stephen Armstrong
Joanna Mace : Helen McCormack
Jake Mace : Ross O'Farrell
Gavin Ryng-Mayne : Matthew Vickers
Barry Love : Martin Mulgrew
Lindy Love : Gail Willis
Lucille Cadeau : Emmeline Winterbotham
Fran Briggs : Pat Grosse
Warn Coucher : Chris Holmes
Izzie Truce : Sheila Burbidge
Pearl Truce : Julie Arrowsmith


Production Team

Director : Penny Tuerk
Set Design : Kelda Free
Assisted by : Paul Barrett
Costumes : Meryl Griffiths
Lighting : Nick Insley

Stage Manager : Laurence Tuerk
Assistant Stage Managers : Terry Baker-Self, Jacqui Deprez, Lesley Scarth, Celia Reynolds
Lighting Operator : Michael Allaway
Sound : Peta Barker, Roanne Insley
Construction and Rigging : John Morton, Keith Syrett, Claire Rice, Debbie Syrett, Stephen Ley, Phillip Ley and members of the cast & crew
Morris Dance arranged and played by Jonathan Norris
Junior Band : Chiddingstone School, Kent
Publicity Co-ordinatorn : Roanne Insley
Poster and Programme Design : Laurence Tuerk, Roanne Insley, Sheila Burbidge
Programme Notes : Tom Tillery
Front of House Co-ordinators : Beryl Holyoake, David Holyoake

Sheila Burbidge

Chris Holmes

Julie Arrowsmith

Anne Connell

Ian Recordon

Rachel Phipps

Ross O'Farrell

Helen McCormack

Stephen Armstrong

Martin Mulgrew

Gail Willis

Matthew Vickers

Emmeline Winterbotham

Pat Grosse