Humble Boy  
Humble Boy

by Charlotte Jones

Directed by Alan Root

Tuesday 5th -
Saturday 9th April, 2005

The Tower Theatre performing Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Highgate


Cast List

Felix Humble : Martin Mulgrew
Mercy Lott : Celia Reynolds
Flora Humble : Jill Batty
Jim, the gardener : John Cornwell
George Pye : Guy Saunders
Rosie Pye : Ros Moore


Production Team

Director : Alan Root
Set Design : Keith Syrett and Alan Root
Lighting Design : Nick Insley
Original Music : Jonathan Norris
Sound Design : Colin Guthrie

Stage Managers : Claire Christy, Terry Baker-Self
ASMs : Jane Pallant, Tracey Henshaw, Val Whitehouse
Lighting operator : Zizi Sulkin
Sound operators : Rachel Hindley, Alan Root
Wardrobe : Emmeline Winterbotham and members of the cast
Set construction : Keith Syrett, Alan Root, Claire Christy, Terry Baker-Self, Jane Pallant, Tracey Henshaw, Val Whitehouse, Jeff Kelly, Lyn Melvin and members of the cast & crew