Separate Tables

by Terence Rattigan

Directed by Colin Smith

March 8th - 12th, 2005

The Tower Theatre performing at Theatro Technis, Camden


Cast List

Mabel : Sara Randall
Lady Matheson : Kate Fearnley
Mrs Railton-Bell : Eileen Marner
Miss Meacham : Denyse Macpherson
Doreen : Annemarie Fearnley
Mr Fowler : Marcus Toulmin-Rothe
Anne Shankland : Meryl Griffiths
Miss Cooper : Harriet Watson
Mr Malcolm : Bob Hutt
Charles Stratton : Matthew Vickers
Jean Tanner : Rebekah Higgitt
Major Pollock : Ian Recordon
Sybil Railton-Bell : Fiona Garratt


Production Team

Director : Colin Smith
Assistant Director : Chris Holmes
Set Design : Wendy Parry
Lighting Design : Robin Snowdon
Costume Design : James Lever

Stage Manager : Jean Carr
ASMs : Dinah Irvine, Terry Baker-Self, Sara Chipperfield, Charlotte Kinnock
Lighting and Sound Operator : Jacky Devitt
Wardrobe : Meryl Grffiths, Blossom Huggins, Sue Lacey, Eve Smith and members of the cast
Archive Material : Tom Tillery
Special Thanks to Peter Hutchings, Nigel Martin, Claire Rice and Alan Wilkinson