The Lion in Winter
by James Goldman

Upstairs at the Gatehouse
September 25 - October 2, 2004


Henry II, King of EnglandRobert Reeve
Alais, a French princess Suzanne Taylor
John, the youngest sonPeter Miller
Geoffrey, the middle sonAndrew Craze
Richard, the eldest sonStephen Brown
Eleanor, Henry's wifeHilary Barton
Philip, King of France Karan Bhagat

The Lion in Winter
Robert Reeve & Suzanne Taylor

Production Team
Director : Pat Grosse
Assistant Director : Martin Mulgrew
Set Design : Dorothy Wright
Assistant Set Designer : David Taylor
Lighting Design : Robin Snowdon
Costume Design : Barrie Addenbrooke
Assistant Costume Designer : Meryl Griffiths
Sound Recording : Simon Humphries

Stage Manager : Sandra Yee
ASMs : Tracey Henshaw, Neal Roberts, Maxine Howard, Terry Baker-Self, Phyllis Spencer
Sound & Lighting operator : Martin Brady
Wardrobe : Elaine Prenzlau, Fiona Garratt, Nigel Martin, Jude Chalk, Suzanne Day, Sheila Burbidge, Denyse Macpherson
Set construction : Keith Syrett, Keith Hill, Sheila Burbidge, Claire Rice, Nigel Martin, Meryl Griffiths & cast and crew