The Killing of Sister George
by Frank Marcus

Theatro Technis, Camden Town
March 30 - April 10, 2004


June BuckridgeAlison Liney
Alice "Childie" McNaught Danila Terragno
Mrs Mercy Croft Meryl Griffiths
Madame Xenia Ann Rooney

BillSimon Humphries
FredDominic Ward
Farmer BromleyMark Stewart-Birch
The AnnouncerElizabeth Conboy

The Killing of Sister George
Danila Terragno, Alison Liney & Ann Rooney

Production Team
Director : Linda Stewart-Birch
Assistant Director : Doreen Shafran
Set Design : Linda Stewart-Birch, Jo Staples
Lighting Design : Andy Peregrine
Costume Design : Meryl Griffiths, Berfin Baksi
Sound Design : David Norman-Hedges, Simon Humphries

Stage Manager : Claire Rice
ASMs : Neal Roberts, Moira McSperrin
Lighting operator : Nathalie Lake
Sound operator : David Norman-Hedges
Wardrobe : Kay Perversi, Berfin Baksi
Set construction : Keith Syrett, Keith Hill, Dorothy Wright, Mark Stewart-Birch & members of cast and crew
Graphics : Mark Stewart-Birch, Creatiscope Design
Properties loaned by : Claire Rice, Roger Green, Jill Batty