Private Lives
by Noël Coward
Pentameters Theatre, Hampstead
November 11 - 22, 2003

Sibyl ChasePhilippa Pearson
Elyot Chase, her husband Ian Recordon
Victor Prynne Ralph Ward
Amanda Prynne, his wife Emmeline Winterbotham
Louise, a maid Despina Sellar

Private Lives
Ian Recordon & Emmeline Winterbotham

Production Team
Director : Nigel Martin
Assistant Director : Dominic Batty
Set Design : Alan Wilkinson
Lighting Design : Hilary Allan
Costume Design : Nigel Martin
Sound : Laurence Tuerk

Stage Manager : Phyllis Spencer
ASMs : Nicolanne Cox, Neal Roberts, Denyse Macpherson, Andrew Craze
Lighting operator : Claire Rice
Sound operators : Laurence Tuerk, Pamela Towers
Piano played by : Jonathan Norris
Wardrobe : Nigel Martin, Noreen Spall
Set Construction & Rigging : Keith Syrett, Meryl Griffiths, Jill Batty, Sheila Burbidge, Celia Reynolds, Andy Peregrine, Sue Lacey, Keith Hill, Rob Myer, Terry Mathews, Warren Alexander & cast and crew
Additional Properties : Emmeline Winterbotham, Philippa Pearson, Michael Wilson, June Victor of Vintage Modes, Alfie's Antiques Market