Something's Afoot
Book, music & lyrics by James McDonald, David Vos & Robert Gerlach
Additional music by Ed Linderman

Upstairs at the Gatehouse
June 24 - 28, 2003


Lettie Rosalind Moore
Flint Michael Allaway
Clive Nigel Martin
Hope Langdon Katey D'Ancona
Dr Grayburn Marcus Toulmin-Rothe
Nigel Rancour Ralph Ward
Lady Grace Manley-Prowe Denyse Macpherson
Colonel Gillweather Tom Tillery
Miss Tweed Eileen Marner
Geoffrey Nicholas Cannon
and the voice of... Dominic Batty

Something's Afoot

Production Team
Director : Peter Westbury
Musical Director : Terry Hawes
Set Design : Alan Root
Lighting Design : Nick Insley
Sound Design : Laurence Tuerk
Costume Design : Kay Perversi
Choreographer : Anna Twilley

Stage Manager : Jane Pallant
ASMs : Nigel Martin, Roanne Insley, Lesley Scarth
Lighting operator : Jacky Devitt
Sound operator : Sheila Burbidge
Wardrobe : Kay Perversi