by Patrick Marber

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
November 16 - 23 2002





Alice, a girl from the town

Meg Meagher

Dan, a man from the suburbs

Stephen Armstrong

Larry, a man from the city

Ian Chaplain

Anna, a woman from the country

Janet South


Stephen Armstrong as Dan & Janet South as Anna

Production Team
Director : Allan Hart
Set Designer : Rebecca Vincent
Lighting Designer : Nick Insley
Costume Designer : Linda Stewart-Birch
Sound Designer : Simon Humphries
Powerpoint Designer : Gail Willis

Stage Manager : Rachel Hindley, Rachel Lacaille
ASMs : Steven Hyndman, Terry Baker-Self,
Annie O’Donnell, Michelle Nelson, Lesley Scarth, Sam Rinsler
Lighting operators : Ana Castro, Rachel Hindley
Sound operators : Peta Barker, Michael Allaway
Powerpoint operator : Rebecca Vincent
Construction manager : Terry Mathews
Set construction : John Morton, John Feather,
John Sole, Lea Tunesi, Keith Syrett, Robert Myer,
Martin Leyton, Laurence Tuerk & members of cast & crew