The Wind in the Willows
by Kenneth Grahame
Adapted for the stage by Alan Bennett
Additional music & lyrics by Jeremy Sams
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
July 6 - 23, 2002

  Also presented at Montem School, Islington July 24 2002

The River Bank
Mole David Taylor
Rat John Cornwell
Toad Robert Reeve
Badger Brice Pitt
Otter Michael Allaway
Albert, a horse Marcus Toulmin-Rothe
Portly, an otter Alexandra Ley/
Jack Patrickson
Hedgehog Herbert Steven Hyndman
Hedgehog Harriet / Tommy Lizzie Willis/
Sam South
Hedgehog Helen / Billy Kate Campbell/
Ben Patrickson
Rabbit Robert Jonathan Norris
Rabbit Rose Vyvian Shaw
Baby Rabbits Oliver Willis/Katie South, Luke Campbell/William Norris, Freddie Norris
Other Rabbits Eileen Marner, Henry Chester, Alison Liney, Alexandra Ley

The Wild Wood
Chief Weasel Martin South
Weasel Norman Richard Willis
Stoat Gerald Michael Allaway
Ferret Freda Anna McNeil
Fox Karen Walker
Other Weasels Jonathan Norris, Henry Chester, Steven Hyndman
The Wide World
Parkinson, a car salesmanHenry Chester
Motorist RupertSteven Hyndman
Motorist MonicaAnna McNeil
MagistrateJonathan Norris
Clerk of the Court Vyvian Shaw
PolicemanHenry Chester
GaolerMarcus Toulmin-Rothe
Gaoler's DaughterKaren Walker
WasherwomanEileen Marner
Train Driver Jonathan Norris
Ticket ClerkVyvian Shaw
BargewomanAlison Liney
GypsySteven Hyndman


The Wind in the Willows

Production Team
Director : Penny Tuerk
Musical Director : Jonathan Norris
Choreographer : Janet South
Set Designer : Dorothy Wright
Associate Designer : David Taylor
Costumes : Kay Perversi
Lighting Designer : Nick Insley
Sound Designer : Stephen Ley
Fight Arranger : Lindsey Gallagher

Music played by
Jethro Marsh (Violin)
Simon Coderand (Violin)
Colin Guthrie (Keyboards/Guitar)
John Cook (Clarinet / Bass Clarinet)
Malcolm Cottle (Piano Accordion)
Mike Copperwhite (Flute/Alto Flute/Piccolo)
Nick Ridley (Oboe/Cor Anglais)
Paddy Clements (Horn)
Chris Melville (Cornet)
Steve Brewer (Drums)

Stage Manager : Laurence Tuerk
ASMs : Dinah Irvine, Lisa Kelvey, Jenny Hargreaves, Nathalie Lake, Michael Greener, Mary Campbell, Tracey Henshaw, Sheila Burbidge, Ruth Sanderson, Tom Brown,
Denyse Macpherson, Lesley Scarth
Lighting operator : Jacky Devitt
Sound operator : Robert Irvine
Wardrobe : John Stivey, Sheila Burbidge, Celia Reynolds, Elaine Prenzlau
Scenic painting : Steven Hyndman
Set construction : Alan Wilkinson, Ziz Sulkin, Richard Thompson, Jonathan Norris, Eileen Marner, Robert Myer, Keith Syrett, Terry Mathews, Keith Hill, Claire Rice, Mary Benning, Colette Dockery, Jude Chalk, John Morton,
Andy Hind