A Midsummer Night's Dream
by William Shakespeare
Adapted and abridged by Penny Tuerk

Tower Theatre Garden
June 22 2002

  Two performances in the Tower garden following a private performance at the Tower of London the previous night

  A Midsummer Night's Dream
Peter Novis & the Company

Peter Novis
Theseus. Duke Of Athens John Morton
Hippolyta, Queen Of The Amazons Jill Batty
Oberon, King Of The Fairies Martin South
Titania, Queen Of The Fairies Karen Walker
Puck, or Robin GoodfellowMartin Buttery
 Peaseblossom Rebecca Howard
 Cobweb Samantha Gallop
 Moth Liz Pilling
 Mustardseed Julia Main
Lysander, In Love With Hermia David Dawson
Demetrius, Also In Love With Hermia Richard Thornton
Hermia, In Love With Lysander Helen Dudley
Helena. In Love With Demetrius Nikki Smith
Peter Quince, A Carpenter Tom Tillery
Nick Bottom, A Weaver Colin Dent
Francis Flute, A Bellows Mender Dominic Ward
Robin Starveling, A Tailor Dominic Batty
Tom Snout. A Tinker Frank Crocker
Snug, A Joiner Harry Reeder

Production Team
Producer : Sara Randall
Director : Peter Novis
Choreographer : Alison Kaby
Costumes : Noreen Spall
Sound and Lighting : Stephen Ley

Stage Manager : Sarah Ambrose
ASM : Lesley Scarth