by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
April 20 - 27, 2002


The Bride
Christine Lucas
Cassie Wolfinger

The Bride's Family
Rhoda Lucas, her mother Sheila Burbidge
Edgar Lucas, her father Chris Holmes
Jack Lucas, her brother Craig Carruthers
Irene Howes, her cousin Nadine Allexant
Lilian Howes, her aunt Jill Batty
Frank Broadbent, her uncle Guy Saunders
Arthur Broadbent,
her great-uncle

Jim Spall

Stan Dyson, Irene's fiancÚ Michael Greener

The Groom
Bernard Fuller Peter Miller

The Groom's Family
Edna Fuller, his mother Denyse Macpherson
Alice Fuller, his aunt Ann Rooney
Lionel Fuller, his cousin Tom Bailey
Margo Fuller, his cousin's wife Vanessa Westing

Friends of Arthur's

May Beckett

Sara Randall

Sergeant-Major Tommy Lodge

Stephen Davies



Production Team
Director : Noreen Spall
Set Designer : Wendy Parry
Lighting Designer : Simon Payne
Costume Designer : Noreen Spall
Sound Designer : Phillip Ley

Stage Manager : Margaret Ley
ASMs : Terry Baker-Self, Dominic Batty, Jayne Lawrence, Phillip Ley, Nathalie Lake, Alison Foulds, Celia Reynolds
Lighting operator : Sophia Archenes
Sound operator : Richard Thornton
Wardrobe : Noreen Spall, Sheila Burbidge,
Jill Batty, Denyse Macpherson
Set construction : Keith Syrett, Robert Myer, Trevor Parry, David Miller, John Morton,
Robert Dodd, Alan McKenzie, Ella McKenzie,
Lea Tunesi, John Feather & members of the cast and crew