The Boys Next Door

by Tom Griffin

Directed by Nan Webber

January 31st - February 2nd, 2002

The Theatre in the Pines of Rockport, Mass, USA performing at the Tower Theatre, Canonbury


Cast List

Arnold Wiggins : John Craven
Lucien P Smith : Gene Martin
Norman Bulansky : Rick Doucette
Barry Klemper : Jeff Lopes
Jack Palmer : David Arsenault
Sheila : Laurie Carlson
Mr Klemper : Joseph Stiliano
Mrs Fremus, Mrs Warren, Clara : Susan Sousa
Mr Hedges, Mr Corbin, Senator Clarke : Martin Ray
Voice Overs : Ben Reed


Production Team

Director : Nan Webber
Set creation : Keith Syrett
Lighting Design : David Holyoake
Technical Director for the Theatre in the Pines : Frank Wolcott
Properties : Kay Ray

Stage Manager : Beryl Holyoake
ASM : Celia Reynolds
Sound Operator : Sheila Burbidge
Set Construction : Keith Syrett, Colin Guthrie, Terry Mathews, Steven Hyndman, Robert Myer, John Morton, Bill Leahy, Pat Grosse & members of the cast and crew