The Boys Next Door
by Tom Griffin

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
January 31 - February 2, 2002

  Presented by The Theatre in the Pines of Rockport, Mass, USA



Arnold Wiggins

John Craven

Lucien P Smith

Gene Martin

Norman Bulansky

Rick Doucette

Barry Klemper

Jeff Lopes

Jack Palmer

David Arsenault


Laurie Carlson

Mr Klemper

Joseph Stiliano

Mrs Fremus, Mrs Warren, Clara

Susan Sousa

Mr Hedges, Mr Corbin, Senator Clarke

Martin Ray

Voice Overs

Ben Reed


The Boys Next Door

Production Team
Director : Nan Webber
Set creation : Keith Syrett
Lighting Design : David Holyoake
Technical Director for
Theatre in the Pines : Frank Wolcott
Properties : Kay Ray

Stage Manager : Beryl Holyoake
ASM : Celia Reynolds
Sound Operator : Sheila Burbidge
Set Construction : Keith Syrett, Colin Guthrie, Terry Mathews, Steven Hyndman,
Robert Myer, John Morton, Bill Leahy, Pat Grosse & members of cast & crew