by Stephen King
adapted for the stage by Simon Moore

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
October 13 - 20, 2001


Paul Sheldon
Ian Chaplain
Annie Wilkes
Jill Batty

Production Team
Director : Pat Grosse
Set Design : Wendy Parry
Lighting Design : Stephen Ley
Sound Tape : Simon Humphries

Stage Manager : Dominic Batty
ASMs : Kate Llewelyn, John Cornwell, Nick Bakker, Alison Foulds, Colette Dockery
Lighting operator : Jackie Devitt
Sound operator : Mick Smith
Props construction : Lucy Nandris
Wardrobe : Kay Perversi
Set construction : John Morton, Tess Walsh, Jude Chalk, John Sole, Alan McKenzie, John McSpadyen, Dorothy Wright, Chris Ison, Robert Myer, Keith Syrett, Ella McKenzie, Roger Beaumont, Keith Hill & members of cast & crew