The Entertainer
by John Osborne

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
June 2 - 9 2001


Archie Rice
Colin Dent
Phoebe, his wife
Sheila Burbidge
Jean, his daughter
Faye Barker
Billy Rice, his father
Geoff Braman
Frank, his son
Dominic Ward
Tom Tillery
Martin Jackson
Guy Saunders
The Entertainer

Production Team
Director : Allan Stronach
Set Design : Andrew Reeves
Lighting Design : Nick Insley
Costume Design : Jill Batty
Musical Director : Guy Saunders (with special thanks to Colin Guthrie)
Music : John Addison

Stage Managers : Colette Dockery, Roger Beaumont
Lighting operator : Pat Grosse
Sound operator : Mick Smith
Set construction : Andrew Reeves, Roger Beaumont, Andy McLeod, Keith Syrett, John Feather, Robert Myer