The Wizard of Oz
by L Frank Baum
Music & Lyrics from the MGM movie
by Harold Arlen & E Y Harburg
Adaptation by John Kaye

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
December 16 - 30, 2000


Dorothy Gale
Helen Dudley
Aunt Em / Glinda / Witch of the North
Sara Randall
Uncle Henry / Munchkin Barrister / Emerald City Guard Henry Chester
Hunk / The Scarecrow
Martin Buttery
Hickory / The Tin Woodsman
Spencer Mills
Zeke / The Cowardly Lion
Ian Chaplain
Miss Gulch / Wicked Witch
of the West
Annie Connell
Professor Marvel /
The Wizard of Oz
Tom Tillery
Mayor of Munchkinland /
Winkie General
Colin Dent
Munchkin Coroner
Timothy Sellar
Munchkins / Poppies / Icicles / Ozians / Jitterbugs / Monkeys / Winkies Anna Berrill, Amy Bishop, Catherine Courtney-Diggins, Lucy Dancer, Robert Dodd, Sara-Jane Dodd, Jessica Eherton-Baker, Jesse Jenkins, Liberty Marsh, Lydia Polydorou, Vangelis Polydorou, Jessica Sutcliffe
Crows Liberty Marsh, Lydia Polydorou, Amy Bishop
Apple Trees Sara-Jane Dodd, Jessica Etherton-Baker, Jessica Sutcliffe
Amy Bishop
Toto Murphy


Michael Roulston (conductor/
, Howard Hutt (trumpet), Dan Shafran (strings), Peta Barker (drums), Sue Alcock (clarinet/alto sax), Christie Ballcock (flute/recorder), Tom Mansi (bass)
Dorothy & Toto

Production Team
Director : Kay Perversi
Musical Director : Michael Roulston
Choreographer : Kay Perversi
Set Design : Michael Bayliss
Lighting Design : Robert Myer
Sound Design : Simon Humphries, Stephen Ley

Stage Managers : Margaret Ley, Jayne Lawrence
ASMs : Jude Chalk, Rupert Luck, Sally Rahman, Sheila Burbidge, Nick Bakker, Vyvyan Shaw, Charlotte Mitchell, Roger Beaumont, Michael Bayliss, Jean Carr, Marie Polydorou
Lighting operators : Jacky Devitt, Emma Hillman, Charlotte Patten, Robert Myer
Rigging : Roger Beaumont, Barnaby Sweet, Regan Hall, Keith Hill
Sound operators : Chris Holmes, Helen Barrett
Wardrobe : Noreen Spall, Verity Haynes, Jude Chalk, Jean Carr, Diana Lefarge, Eve Smith, Maureen Dudley
Make-up adviser : Janet South
Set construction : Keith Syrett, Claire Rice, Andy Hind, Kerrie Rooney, John Morton, Kate Good, Tony Matthews, Bill Leahy, Thecla Mallinson, Meryl Griffiths, Mary Benning, Terry Mathews, Laurence Tuerk, Patricia Douglas & members of cast & crew