a pantomime by Chris Cavanagh
edited and with additional material by Roger Beaumont

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
December 18, 1999 -
January 8, 2000




Lily Murray

Widow Twankey, his mother

Colin Dent

Wishee Washee, his brother

Martin Buttery

Abanazaar, a magician

Roger Beaumont

Genie of the Lamp

Ian Chaplain

The Emperor of China

Henry Chester

Princess So-Shi, his daughter

Lauren Bradpiece

P C Pong of the Peking constabulary

Louise Timoney

P C Ping of the Peking constabulary

Chris Peregrine

Genie of the Ring

Imogen Butler

Voice of the Storyteller

Tom Tillery

Voice of Zykanum

Peta Barker


Imogen Butler, Catherine Jones, Nicola O'Connell, Emma Rogers, Zoë Dunn, Danielle Kummer, Nischa Pieris, Michelle Ross, Suzanne Marie Taylor

The Band
Marcus Vere (keyboards)
Peta Barker (drums)
Dave de Paestron (bass)
Peter Ley (lead guitar)
Helen Rathbone (saxophone)

Production Team
Director : Roger Beaumont, assisted by Chris de Pury
Musical Director : Katey D'Ancona
Choreographer : Alison Kaby, assisted by Imogen Butler
Set Design : Jo Staples
Staging : David Taylor
Lighting Design : Robert Myer, assisted by Matthew Olsen, Graham Widger
Costume Design : Kay Perversi
Sound Design : Simon Humphries, Stephen Ley

Stage Manager : Dinah Irvine
ASMs : Thecla Mallinson, Ann Barton, Helen Winterton, Helen Corbett, Chris de Pury, Matt Harrison, Nick Bakker, Jane Pallant, Jayne Lawrence, Kirsty Robson, Sally Anne Rahman
Wardrobe : Jude Chalk
Sound operators : Dorothy Wright, Christ Holmes, David Brown
Lighting operators : Robert Myer, Emma Hillman, Nicky Azuibuike
Lighting rig : Edwin Lambert, Ben Ridgeon, Dorothy Wright, Robert Irvine
Set construction : Keith Syrett, Shano Cotechini, Sheila Burbidge, Denis Turner, Debra Thompson, Bill Leahy, Kay McArthur, Maggie Quintrell, Jason Hall & members of cast & crew