Hard Times
by Charles Dickens adapted by Stephen Jeffreys

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 29 - June 5, 1999


Mr Gradgrind, proprietor of the model school, later MP
Tom, Gradgrind's son
Slackbridge, a trade union delegate

Keith Hill
Josiah Bounderby, a self-made man, friend to Gradgrind
Mr Sleary, proprietor of Sleary's Horse-Riding
A Waiter

Michael Hislop
Bitzer, a pupil, later light porter at the bank
Stephen Blackpool, a weaver
James Harthouse, a young man of means

Daniel Watson
Louisa, Gradgrind's daughter
Emma Gordon, a performer in Sleary's Horse-Riding

Jo-Ann Lyons
Mrs Gradgrind, Gradgrind's wife
Mrs Sparsit, keeper of Bounderby's house
Rachael, a weaver

Fiona Morrison
Sissy Jupe, a stroller's daughter
Mrs Blackpool, Stephen's wife
Mrs Pegler, an old woman
Mary Stokes, a weaver

Tess Walsh
Hard Times

Production Team
Director : John McSpadyen
Set Design : John McSpadyen
Lighting Design : Stella Okafor
Costume Design : Christine Foster

Stage Managers : Nick Bakker, Patricia McDonagh
ASM : Tom Brown
Lighting operators : Robert Ward, Moira McSperrin
Sound tape : Simon Humphries
Sound operator : Simon Kane
Wardrobe : Christine Foster, Elaine Goulden
Set construction : Radius Case Makers, Denis Turner, Graham Widger, Keith Syrett, Dominic Turner, Robert Myer and cast & crew