Return to the Forbidden Planet
by Bob Carlton

Minack Theatre, Cornwall
Aug 3 - 7, 1998


Chorus, a newsreaderTom Tillery
Captain Tempest, a square-jawed, Boys' Own hero & pipe smokerIan Chaplain
Prospero, a scientistGuy Saunders
Ariel, a robotJon Burke
Cookie, Ship's cook & a hopeless romanticMartin South
Science Officer, a woman with
a mysterious past
Diane Carr
Bosun, all-round good guyBob Bradick
Navigation Officer, all-round good girlKaren Walker
Miranda, Prospero's daughter, would-be Prom Queen - a virginHelen Dudley
The CadettesLauren Bradpiece
Ginny Cartwright
Nikki Smith
Gail Willis
The Crew 
Ensign Lynn Gwist, interpreterFaye Barker
Ensign Mike Roechip MIEE, engineerColin Dent
Ensign 'Bud' Visor, Personnel Officer Michael Kaye
Ensign Esta Mator, Stats Co-ordinator Toni Massey
Ensign Ray Gunn, Weapons Officer Chris de Pury
Ensign Penny Scyllen, Medical Officer Romany Savident

The Band

Nick Williamson (keyboards), Peter Ley (guitar), Howard Hutt (trumpet), Catherine Heathcote (alto sax) , Verena Brokenshire (tenor sax), Peta Barker (bass), Arthur Garrison (drums)
     Return to the Forbidden Planet

Production Team
Director : Sara Randall
Musical Director : Nick Williamson
Choreographer : Alison Kaby
Set Design : David Taylor
Lighting & Sound Design : Stephen Ley
Costume Design : Linda Girling

Production Manager : Sarah Ambrose
Stage Manager : Penny Tuerk
ASMs : Robert Irvine, Andy Hind, Terry Mathews, Barbara Mathews, Roanne Carey, Keith Hill, Sue Lacey, Sheila Burbidge
Sound operators : Dinah Irvine, Stephen Ley
Lighting operators : Jacky Devitt, Laurence Tuerk, Lily Ann Green, Chris Holmes
Wardrobe : Diane Carr, Maureen Dudley
Assistant costume designer : Suzanne Duffy
Wig mistress : Karen Killaspy
Video produciton : Stephen Ley
Model work & monster : David Taylor, Bill Leahy, Janet South, Ann Watchorn
Construction manager : Terry Mathews
Set construction & rigging : Keith Syrett, Debbie Syrett, Dominic Turner, John Dorsett, Jane Ely, Paul Barrett, Graham Widger, Robert Myer, Alan Wilkinson, Dorothy Wright, Claire Rice, Simon Humphries, Martin Kinna, Kirsty Robson, Irene Raven, Padraig Diffley & members of cast & crew
Dance captain : Nikki Smith
Dance rehearsal assistance : Janet South
Logo design : Martin South