Mother Goose
Traditional Pantomime
based on a script by Trudy West

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
December 13, 1997 - January 3, 1998


The Fairy QueenBarbara Mathews
The Demon KingHarry Stern
Sam, a villagerJeff Hewitt
Susie, another villagerMichelle Ross
Jill, Mother Goose's daughterKaren Dunne
Peter, a ploughboyLinda Stewart
Mother Goose, poor but honestColin Dent
Jack, Mother Goose's sonEwan Gee
Betty, a goose girlSally Assor
Priscilla, the golden goose Nicola O'Connell
Sir Jasper Jabberwock, a wicked squire Marcus Toulmin-Rothe
Bill Bashem, his henchman David Houston-Luck
Bert Biffem,
another of the same
Henry Chester
King GanderHenry Chester
The Goose Chamberlain David Houston-Luck
Villagers, Guests, Sunbeams, Ghosts, Skeletons, Demons, Geese & Goslings Kate Adams, Tom Bailey, Antony Bond, Jess Christie, Amy Dunn, Zoë Dunn, Becky Gilmore, Jeff Hewitt, Gaby Montanaro, Charley Radcliffe, Joe Radcliffe, Michelle Ross, Amy Scarth, Jessica Sutcliffe


Jonathan Norris (keyboard) , Peta Barker, Arthur Garrison (percussion),
Roy Adlam (bass guitar)

Mother Goose
Henry Chester, David Houston-Luck, Marcus Toulmin-Rothe & Colin Dent

Production Team
Director : Terry Mathews
Musical Director : Jonathan Norris
Choreographer : Alison Kaby
Production Manager : Barbara Mathews
Set Design : Ian Douglass assisted by Stephen Green & Wendy Parry
Lighting Design : Laurence Tuerk
Costume Design : Linda Girling

Stage Manager : Ian Douglass
DSM : Gabrielle Partridge
ASMs : Jane Ely, Jayne Lawrence, Alison Liney, Sue Lacey, Nick Bakker, Julia Ginter, Ann Watchorn, Sheila Burbidge
Lighting operators : Howard Gossington, Chris Holmes, Lofty Holloway, David Liney
Wardrobe : Linda Girling, Celia Reynolds, Karen Ashley, Suzanne Duffy, Phyl Lee, Noreen Spall
Set construction : Denis turner, Pavel Houzvicka, Bill Leahy, Stella Jackson, Stephen Green, John Feather, Garfaigh Pang & members of cast & crew
Fight arranger : Roger Beaumont
Scenic artists : Jo Staples, Deborah Thompson