Pools Paradise
by Philip King

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
October 12 - 19, 1996


Penelope Toop Philippa Bogle
Ida, the maid Kate Adams
The Rev Lionel ToopSimon Bullock
Miss SkillonPenny Tuerk
Willie BriggsChris Palmer
The Rev Arthur Humphrey David Taylor
The Bishop of Lax John Cornwell
Choirboys Charley Radcliffe
Joe Radcliffe

Pools Paradise

Production Team
Director : Celia Reynolds
Set Design : Wendy Parry
Lighting Design : Alan Wilkinson

Stage Managers : Moira McSperrin, Jayne Lawrence
ASMs : Cathy Thomas, Sue Gardner
Lighting operator : David Houston-Luck
Sound tape : Phil Earle
Sound operator : Simon Kane
Wardrobe : Linda Girling
Set construction : Denis Turner, Keith Syrett, Lofty Holloway, Chris Holmes, Lucy Nandris, Stephen Green, Clive Hammett & members of the cast & crew