Lost in Yonkers
by Neil Simon

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
September 28 - October 5, 1996


Jay Howard Gossington
Arty Dean Batchelor
Eddie, their father Roger Beaumont
Bella, their auntSally Hepplewhite
Grandma KumitzAnnette Michaels
Louie, their uncle John McSpadyen
Gert, their other aunt Claudia Garrison

Lost in Yonkers

Production Team
Director : Guy Saunders
Assistant Director : Keith Hill
Set Design : Monica Rabinowicz
Lighting Design : Michael Ruiz Collis

Stage Manager : Nick Bakker
DSM : Sally Rahman
ASMs : Tom Brown, Claire Rice, Kirsty Robson, Ann Watchorn
Lighting operator : Lily Ann Green
Sound tape : Dinah Irvine, Robert Irvine, Phyl Lee
Sound operator : Sophie Lewis
Wardrobe : Nigel Martin, Jill Batty, Noreen spall
Set construction : Stephen Green, Chris Holmes, Lofty Holloway, Terry Mathews, Charlie Radcliffe, Janine Rose, Denis Turner, Graham Widger, Jo Staples and members of the cast & crew