I Ought to Be in Pictures
by Neil Simon

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
November 25 - December 2, 1995


Herb Tucker Jerome Foreman
Libby Tucker Louise Saunders
Steffy Blondell Claudia Garrison

I Ought to be in Pictures

Production Team
Director : Guy Saunders
Set Design : Denis Turner
Lighting Design : Alan Wilkinson

Stage Manager : Pat Grosse
ASMs : Janet Peacock, Jayne Laurence, Sue Gardner
Lighting operators : Jeanette Clarke, Lindzey Mullard
Sound operator : Allison Bennett
Wardrobe : Kate Fearnley
Sound tape : Phil Earle
Set construction : Keith Syrett, Lofty Holloway, Lindzey Mullard, Monica Rabinowitz, Clive Hammett, Terry Mathews & members of the cast & crew