Happy as a Sandbag
by Ken Lee

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
July 8 - 15, 1995

  Part of 50th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Season


Happy as a Sandbag

   Performed by
Sharona Barry John Baker
Diane CarrJohn Basham
Annemarie FearnleyColin Guthrie
Fenella LeeDavid Sellar
Anna TwilleyAndrew Short
with Alan Root as Max Miller 


Terry Hawes (piano), Martin South (bass), Peta Barker (drums)
Happy as a Sandbag

Happy as a Sandbag
Alan Root as Max Miller

Production Team
Director : Peter Westbury
Musical Director : Terry Hawes
Choreography : Peter Westbury, Anna Twilley
Set Design : Janine Rose
Lighting Design : Nick Insley
Costume Design : Barbara Basham

Stage Managers : Roanne Carey, Jane Ely
ASMs : Kate Fearnley, Barbara Mathews, Terry Mathews, Val Whitehouse
Lighting operators : Jacky Devitt, Sami George-Fekhar
Sound tape : Colin Guthrie
Sound opeator : Nigel Towse
Wardrobe : Diane Carr
Set construction : Paul Barrett, Steven Blohm, Stephen Green, Chris Holmes, Alan McKenzie, Tim Mason, Wendy Parry, Laurence Tuerk and members of the cast & crew