And A Nightingale Sang
by C P Taylor

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 27 - June 3, 1995

  Part of 50th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Season


Helen StottSue Lacey
Joyce StottAllison Bennett
GeorgeGuy Saunders
Peggy (Mam)Jeanette Clarke
AndieTerry Mathews
EricMartin James-Griffiths
Norman Ian Chaplain

And a Nightingale Sang

Production Team
Director : Denis Turner
Set Design : Wendy Parry
Lighting Design : Michael Ruiz Collis

Stage Manager : David Brown
ASMs : Zizi Sulkin, James Reeder, Claire Rice, Dinah Irvine
Sound tape : John Christie
Sound operator : Steven Blohm
Lighting operator : Nick Bakker
Wardrobe : Christine Foster
Set construction : Paul Barrett, Keith Hill, Bill Leahy, Hilary Evans, Peter Wright, Janine Rose, Jo Staples, Louise Blake, Denis Turner and members of the cast & crew