Bloody Poetry
by Howard Brenton

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
December 3 - 5, 1992


Percy Bysshe ShelleyJohn Sweet
Mary ShelleyDenise Devlin
Claire ClairemontAnnemarie Fearnley
George Gordon, the Lord ByronGraham Trainor
Dr. John PolidoriTerry Hughes
Harriet WestbrookHelen McCormack

Bloody Poetry

Production Team
Director : Adam Key
Set Design : Adam Key
Lighting Design : Richard Bealing
Costume Design : Andrew Short

Stage Manager : Sharona Barry
ASM : Margaret Stott
Lighting operator : Julie Dark
Sound operator : Colette Dockery
Wardrobe : Andrew Short
Set construction : Adam Key, Sharona Barry, Julie McKenzie, Denis Turner & cast and crew