The Merry Wives of Windsor
by William Shakespeare

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
November 7 - 14, 1992

  also presented at the Jardin Shakespeare, Bois de Boulogne, Paris, May 22 - 27, 1992


Shallow, a country justice Brice Pitt
Slender, cousin to Shallow Terry Jermyn
Sir Hugh Evans, a Welsh parson Trevor Williams
Master Page, a gentleman of Windsor Jim Spall
Sir John Falstaff Dennis Adams
Followers of Falstaff
Harold Mellor
 NymTony Goodman
 Pistol Dominic Batty
Mistress Ford, wife to Master Ford Mary Benning
Mistress Page, wife to Master Page Penny Tuerk
Anne Page, her daughterGinny Cartwright
Simple, servant to SlenderTony O'Brien
Host of the Garter InnSean Buckley
Dr Caius, a French physicianMarcus Toulmin-Rothe
Mistress Quickly, housekeeper to Dr CaiusKaren Killaspy
John Rugby, servant to Dr Caius Mike Crawshaw
Fenton, a young gentleman James Bunn
Master Ford, a gentleman of Windsor Tom Tillery
Servants to Mistress Ford Mike Crawshaw
Kathy Buckingham
FairiesElizabeth Irvine
Paddy Stevens

The Merry Wives of Windsor
Mary Benning & Penny Tuerk

Production Team
Directors : Noreen Spall & Colin Smith
Set Design : Bill Leahy
Lighting Design : Ron Brooker
Costume Design : Kirsten Williams & Paddy Stevens

Stage Manager : Fay Pedder
ASMs : Derek Pedder, Nonny Phillips, Karen Clark
Masks : Colin Winter
Stag's head : Suzanne Adams
Lighting operator : John McSpadyen
Sound operator : Steven Blohm
Set construction : Clare Kosinski, Clive Hammett, Roger Woods, Steven Blohm, John McSpadyen, Steve Rozzi, Paul Barrett, Keith Syrett, Debbie Harris & members of cast and crew