The Secret Rapture
by David Hare

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
March 14 - 21, 1992


Isobel GlassJill Batty
Marion FrenchColette Dockery
Tom FrenchBob Hough
Katherine GlassRowena Phillips
Irwin PosnerPeter Westbury
Rhonda Milne Alison Hird

The Secret Rapture

Production Team
Director : Penny Tuerk
Set Design : Laurence Le Charpentier
Lighting Design: Laurence Tuerk
Costume Design : Margaret Kitchingman
Music composed by Dan Shafran

Stage Managers : Roanne Carey, Lotte Wynder
ASMs : Jane Pallant, Alan Frendo, Malcolm Howard, Clive Hammett, Tracy Dennis, Val Whitehouse
Lighting operator : Sally Drake
Sound operator : Dinah Irvine
Set construction & rigging : Paul Barrett, Peter Benson, Marc Fioré, Debbie Harris, Andy Hind, Margaret Ley, Simon Rhind-Tutt, Rick Savery, Keith Syrett, Roger Woods & members of cast and crew
Poster design : Jeff Kelly
Photography : Ron Brooker, Roger Green