Ring Round the Moon
by Jean Anouilh
adapted by Christopher Fry

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
June 15 - 22, 1991

  Also performed at Curtis Mill Green Theatre on June 29 1991


Hugo, a young man-about-town Harry Reeder
Joshua, a crumbling butler Tom Tillery
Frederic, Hugo's twin brother, in love with Harry Reeder
Diana Messerschmann, engaged to Frederic, secretly in love with Hugo Jan Reynolds
Patrice Bombelles, Messerschmann's secretive secretary Nigel Martin
Lady India, Messerschmann's mistress, secretly in love with Bombelles Jill Batty
Madame Desmortes, aunt to Hugo, Frederic & Lady India Barbara Waddell
Capulet, her faded companion Denyse Macpherson
Romainville, a lepidopterist, patron of Isabelle John Baker
Messerschmann, Diana's father, a melancholy millionaire Dominic Batty
Isabelle, a ballet dancer Fiona Shafran
Her mother, a teacher of the pianoforte Betty Reading
General Alan Nesbitt

Ring Round the Moon
Nigel Martin & Jill Batty

Production Team
Director : Celia Reynolds
Set Design : Laurence Le Charpentier
Lighting Design : Helen Smith
Costume Design : Betty Reading & Susie Brown
Original Music : Richard Addinsell

Stage Manager : Romany Savident
ASMs : Rachel Bird, Abigail Griffiths, Alan Frendo, Joan Walsh
Lighting operator : Geoff Lewis
Sound tape : David Holyoake
Sound operator : Jayne Lawrence
Wardrobe : Betty Reading, Phyl Lee
Isabelle's dress designed & made by : Susie Brown
Set construction : Max, Keith Syrett, Ron Brooker, John McSpadyen, Steve Shepperd, Mike Crawshaw, Abby-Lee Knight, Linda Nixon, Denis Turner, Matthew Deely