The Private Ear
by Peter Shaffer

Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 18 - 25, 1991

  A short play presented together with The Public Eye,
also by Peter Shaffer


Ted James Clarke
Bob Andrew Short
Doreen Sharona Barry

The Private Ear
Andrew Short & Sharona Barry

Production Team
Director: Nigel Sanctuary
Set Design : Terry Meade
Lighting Design : Steve Shepperd
Costume Design : Margaret Kitchingman

Stage Manager: Ginny Cartwright
ASMs : Wendy Sorensen, Alan Frendo, Matthew Deely
Lighting operator : Phil Earle
Lighting assistant : Rick Savery
Sound tape : Chris Seal
Sound operator : Steven Blohm
Set construction : Denis Turner, Dominic Turner, David Denisovich & cast and crew
Set liaison : Ron Brooker
Photography : Alan Root